APEX aims to be a leading independent Canadian-based international petroleum exploration and production company by building a regional portfolio of opportunities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, from:

  • Grassroots, moderate-risk exploration;
  • Low-risk development projects;
  • Redevelopment of mature fields by using: detailed geological and reservoir modelling; improved oil recovery (“IOR”) and enhanced oil recovery (“EOR”) techniques; production optimization; underbalanced drilling and horizontal multilateral drilling, completions, stimulation and fracturing to re-enter depleted (or mismanaged) fields;
  • Partnership with regional companies to bring Canadian expertise and technology, especially horizontal multi-stage fracturing (“HMF”) to exploit overlooked oil and gas reserves trapped in tight reservoirs and shales.

By combining management’s international experience, its experience in a wide variety of business and cultural environments, and strategic partnerships in a number of countries in our region of focus, APEX possesses all the elements to grow rapidly as a successful junior international company.